This is the nationality that gave the name to our state, and this is the nationality whose language and culture are considered the main ones in our country, determine its identity among other countries of the world.

When foreigners talk about Kazakhstan, they understand that our national language is Kazakh, not Russian, Ukrainian or Uighur, that the Kazakh national dish is beshbarmak, not cabbage soup, heh or toast, that our national hero is Khan Kenesary, not Alexander Suvorov, Napoleon or Stepan Bendera.

All this and much more defines the identity of our country and our people. Makes the Kazakh ethnic group decisive.

But that’s it.

There are no more privileges for the Kazakh nationality in Kazakhstan and there should not be!

A Russian, a Ukrainian, a German, a Tatar, a Korean and other Kazakhstanis should feel in this country absolutely the same full-fledged citizens as Kazakhs.

No Kazakh has the right to speak to a Russian citizen of Kazakhstan: “Go to Russia” or to a Ukrainian: “Go to Ukraine.” They are the same citizens of this country, and they have the same rights to live here as a Kazakh.

No nationality should feel violated in Kazakhstan.

We are all equal.

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