What do North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Belarus and other similar countries have in common?

              All these countries are united by the hatred for the US and for the Western lifestyle, that is, for liberal democratic values. Why? What is the pattern here?

              Perhaps, these are the countries of the East, and we are talking about the eternal confrontation between the East and the West? However, there are a number of friends of the United States and Europe with pronounced Eastern philosophy and psychology. These are Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. And, on the contrary, among the enemies of America there are Russia, Belarus, Venezuela, which are not related to the eastern mentality. So, that’s not the point. You can be an eastern country and at the same time be pro-Western.

           Perhaps, the case is in the colonial past? Former colonies of developed Western countries experience complexes of past grievances and dislike former metropolises? By no means. Russia and Belarus have never been colonies of Western countries. And, on the contrary, India, the former colony of Great Britain, is in excellent relations with the former “metropolis”. Japan, once occupied by America, today is one of its closest partners.

               So what’s the problem? What do all the countries that are hostile to the US and Europe have in common?

               And the only thing they have in common is an authoritarian regime. These are the authoritarian regimes that are most afraid of the penetration of the spirit of freedom and democracy into their possessions. Because in a free society the inevitable questions arise: why our country is led by the same person for decades, why the power is concentrated at him and at a narrow circle of his surrounded, why there is no opposition in our country, why people are afraid to openly express their opinion? To prevent the emergence of such questions among people, the authorities instill in them the dislike of everything Western, including subconsciously, democracy. To do this, propaganda skillfully manipulates people’s minds and flaunts the most unsightly, but insubstantial, signs of a free society. People are frightened by homosexuals, prostitutes, drug addicts; instilled that these are the main achievements of a free society. And they contrast traditional values to these achievements as chastity, brotherhood, family traditions and state’s concern for people.

             The relative poverty of the majority of people and the inability to visit developed countries benefit local authorities. Those who have such an opportunity, usually immediately change their mind about the West. They see that its shortcomings, inflated by authoritarian authorities, fade before the advantages. It is the same as claiming that car throws harmful gases and is dangerous for pedestrians and because of this ride on carts. Or to say that cell phones are harmful for organism and use wired telephones instead. The one who once drove a car or talked on a cell phone, will never return to the cart and the wire phone.

          The second factor pushing authoritarian regimes to create the image of an external enemy is a desire to unite people around themselves. This is an ancient method that was known to our cave ancestors. Create an external enemy, and yesterday’s opponents within the tribe will immediately unite to jointly confront the common threat. In a moment of danger, people instinctively draw to each other, tighten closer to each other and entrust their destiny to a strong, charismatic leader capable of leading them to victory. The old method, but the right one. Therefore, all authoritarian regimes always have external enemies. The attention of people should be drawn to the common external enemy. When the external threat is not enough, the enemy is simply invented, and propaganda inflates this image. In extreme cases, there is a common internal enemy, for example, witches, Trotskyites-traitors, the fifth column and so on. Everything is done for the sake of instilling fear and the need for unity.

         Therefore, when the propaganda machine of authoritarian regimes asserts that there are only enemies around who want to bring your country to its knees and destroy its traditional foundations, look at the world with different eyes, compare the facts and make your own conclusion.

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