When I was with my family in Paris, somehow went to the bakery Paul on the Champs Elysees, took a baguette, croissants, and went to the nearby Starbucks cafe (where coffee is tastier). We sat and had breakfast.

    Suddenly we remember that the last year we brought friends delicious gifts from Paris. They were invited to a well-known restaurant in Astana, ordered dinner, and took presents for their dessert. Here, the waiter runs up, and then the administrator and with austere appearance declare that in their restaurant someone else’s food is forbidden. And this is despite the fact that we had dinner in their place for two families. At the same time, there are only two cupcakes for a single snack.

    Ridiculous! These guys need to work at the state border with such vigilance and zeal. For sure, the fly will not fly by past them.

    Did the administrator really not understand that he has spoiled clients’ mood so much, has lost his loyalty, as well as all his friends. So what? Were those two cupcakes worth it?

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