I recently discovered a new meaning for the saying: “I’m not so rich as to buy cheap things.”

          But in fact, only a rich man can afford to wear cheap things and use cheap services.

          Do you know why?

          Because he does not need to prove anything to anyone. He is successful. He proved to the whole world and to himself that he can do anything. After that expensive watches and jewelry, villas and yachts lose their meaning.

          Of course, some expensive things make sense. For example, a dinner in a good restaurant is healthier, more aesthetic and tastier than in a snack bar. A good car is safer and more convenient than a cheap one.

          But there are also absolutely inexplicable from a practical point of view, attributes of wealth. For example, heavy, inconvenient “Tourbillons” are not intended to find out the time, but to show their importance. Huge Jeeps and Hummers are bought by townspeople not for driving, but for prestige.

          Once upon a time, the owners of “Tourbillions” and Hummers will not have to prove anything to anyone. Only then they will wear old worn jeans, Japanese watches and will walk modestly between us.

          By the way, the modesty of a millionaire is the surest sign of his self-sufficiency and self-confidence.

          Understanding this will gradually come to our “high-hat” Kazakhstan as well.

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