– Well, congratulations, brother, on your appointment! Well done! All our classmates are happy for you and proud of you! Deputy Mayor is not a trifle to you.

          – Thank you so much.

          – I will not keep you long. You’re a busy man now! And what did I come for? I am hanging around here for a long time already. I cannot win one of the state contests. Well, you came here. Now things will go better!

         – What do you mean?

         – Well, I need to win the competition.

         – And how can I help you?

         – Listen, are you working for the first day in the state bodies? Don’t you know how this is done here?

         – I do not know and I do not want to know, brother. I will not help anyone with winning the contests.

         – Wow! How is that? And why did you come to work here then?

         – To serve the motherland.

         – Come on, piss you off! I’m serious.

         – Listen, let’s have an agreement. If someone will illegally interfere into your business, will not to admit to competitions, will unreasonably give orders to other companies and so on call me immediately. I will punish the guilty. You will not have worse conditions than others. I promise.

         – And that’s all? Is that all you can do for me?

         – Yes.

         – Well, thanks, classmate! Thank you, my friend! And I was even happy for you.

         – Well, sorry.

         – Ok, goodbye!

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