They say that a complete coincidence in views with another person is just as unlikely as finding your complete double.

But still. Respond me if you exist, my mental double, respond!

Here are my signs, by which you will recognize me:

1. I am a liberal-democrat.

I am for the freedom of the individual in society, for the freedom of speech and for the power of the people. I am for the real elective power and its regular turnover. I am for market relations in the economy and for real competition in everything.

2. I am an atheist.

I do not believe in God. I believe in the infinity of the universe in space and time. I trust only the laws of physics, chemistry, biology and other sciences. But at the same time, I tolerate believers, because I am a liberal-democrat (see paragraph 1).

3. I am an internationalist.

I believe that people of all races and nationalities are equal in rights. I fight for friendship between them.

4. I am a nationalist.

I advocate the development of culture, traditions, the language of my nationality. But at the same time I do not in any way consider it to be higher or better than other nationalities. I recognize the same as me, the right to develop their nationalities for all people.

5. I – for women’s emancipation.

I believe that women should be equal in all civil rights with men. There should be no inequality at the domestic level. There should not be slaughtered kelin-slaves and there should not be master masters (unless they themselves want to).

6. I – for polygamy and polyandry.

If the husband and wife themselves want to adopt a second wife or husband into the family, and if the third family member agrees, then they should be entitled to it. Even two, three or four wives. And Islam has nothing to do with it. I advocate this for reasons of freedom.

7. I am against the “scoop”.

By “scoop” I understand the restriction of individual freedom in favor of total control and management of the state, the desire to shift responsibility for one’s destiny to the state, intolerance to dissent, xenophobia, envy of other people’s wealth, aspiration for equalization.

8. I am against dictators, for example, Putin.

Putin built his authority on cultivating a “scoop” in the psychology of society in its worst manifestations. In addition, he pursues a policy of aggression against fraternal peoples.

9. I am for the tolerance and respect for the rights of minorities.

This applies to all minorities: sexual, national, religious, etc.

10. I – for good traditions.

I like such traditions as hospitality, respect for parents and elders, caring for the weak, mutual assistance (Asar). We must preserve such traditions and pass them on to our descendants.

I do not like such traditions as blood feud, forced kidnapping of brides, lush toi and wake. We need to overcome such traditions.

11. I am for a healthy lifestyle.

I do not drink alcohol, I do not smoke, I get enough sleep, I do not eat fatty, fried, I go in for sports. I want our society to have more educated and healthy citizens.

12. I am a cynic and a pragmatist.

I sincerely believe that everything that a person does in this life, he does for himself. His interests may coincide with the interests of others, and may even contradict him. Where his interests coincide with the interests of society, he must be encouraged. For example, a person wants to be rich while doing business. Excellent! Let him do it, let him produce products and create jobs. Indulging the useful interests of the individual, society wins. But if the interests of the individual are contrary to the public interest, it must be punished. For example, if someone wants to get rich by robbery, they need to put him in jail.

Is there at least one person who completely coincides with me in the views?

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