Eight-year-old son is keen on drawing watercolors. There are multicolored tubes with paints and a palette in front of him. A father is reading a newspaper next to him.

        – Dad, – the son suddenly asks, – is Uncle Akhmet a good man?

        – Well … I do not know – as always, the father takes seriously all the children’s questions, – perhaps, yes.

        – And Uncle Sabit? – the son continues to question.

        – Well, a little bit good, a little – not very much, – after some reflection the father says, looking at his son over his glasses.

        – Dad, so is he good or bad? Tell me exactly.

           After thinking a bit, the father puts aside the newspaper, picks up the tubes of paint and begins to explain:

         – Look, son, can you see this red paint? Imagine that this is kindness. I squeeze a little red paint on the palette. You see? And now imagine that the blue paint is the mind. I squeeze more blue paint on your palette. Next, green paint is willpower. I add a whole tube of it. I add a few more different colors here a little. You see? And now I’m mixing everything I squeezed into the palette. A very interesting mixture came out. It’s hard to even tell what color it is. Brown shades predominate. So, son, this is Uncle Sabit. And now let’s make a portrait of Uncle Akhmet. More red, a little bit less of blue, and even less of green. But I would add more lilac color – nobility. Here. Now we will also mix all the colors. What happened? An interesting mixture, more maroon. You see? This is Uncle Akhmet. Now try to answer your own questions: are Uncle Sabit and Uncle Akhmet good or bad.

           Good is one color – white, and bad is one color – black.

           Son, there are no just bad people on earth or just good people. Each person has many different qualities. Something more and something less. Each person is a palette of qualities.

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