I used to think that appointing young people to high positions is a guarantee of progress. I myself was young and thought that the old grumblers did not let us move forward out of envy.

       But now I see that power, like fame and money, is a serious test for the unsteady psyche. If you’re new to it, it can drive you mad.

       When a person who was a student just yesterday, today is vested with state power, adult aksakals make overtures to him to solve their problems, not everyone will resist the temptation to think of himself as God.

       Therefore, power should not come quickly. You have to get used to it. Then it will not sweep you off your feet.

        Wealth also should not fall out of the blue. It must be earned. Then it will not leak through your fingers.

        Glory must be earned in blood and sweat, day after day. Then oblivion will not come in a flash.

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