I have one friend. She is not married. A successful woman. Workaholic. Holds a high position in a large company.

     But now she is seriously thinking about creating a family. She wants to adopt a child.

     It would seem a noble mission. Society and the state should encourage such aspirations. After all, every child who has a parent is almost always has a happy fate.

     However, not everything is so simple. My friend is visiting the thresholds of various instances for more than a year and cannot fulfill her dream in any way. She does not even understand what’s the matter. Each time there are various obstacles from the bodies of guardianship and the orphanage itself.

     And recently a former colleague from the government agency pushed me to guess about the reasons for this problem. According to him, the heads of orphanages are not interested in the children being taken from their institutions. The reason is simple and monstrous in its cynicism: the orphanage receives from the state so-called per capita financing. That is, the more children in the orphanage, the more money it will receive. Furthermore, while there are children in the orphanage, it will work, and the head and tutors will receive salary. What a stupidity and inhumanity! The state by its wrong management decision pushes its employees to anti-human actions. It turns out that in our society there is a whole stratum of people who are interested in having more orphans and more orphanages in the country. Then these people will have a job and will get more funding, and accordingly will have more opportunities.

     Isn’t this absurd ?!

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