When several years ago there was question about what phone to buy instead of “Nokia”, I thought about it. At that time everything was dominated by “Apple”: “iPhone” in the hands of every teenager, “iMac” in every office, “iPad” in every corner. Everyone was obsessed with the “apple”.

     But I did not want to be like everyone else.

     I went against the trend, I up and out of spite bought “Samsung”. At that time this company was not the leader in smartphones. At least this by this I wanted to go against the dominant position of “Apple”. Because I know that the supremacy of anyone gives a rise to megalomania and creates the prerequisites for undivided domination, and therefore leads to a restriction of freedom of choice for its clients. Therefore, when there are two opponents on the field, I choose the weakest and help them. I do not want to be alone with a monster who is so conceit and consider themselves to be hell of a thing.

     Now that Samsung is turning into a monster, I have eyes on HTC, Sony and other brave souls.

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