I am categorically against the introduction of a ban on LGBT propaganda in the Republic of Kazakhstan. I consider this a restriction of citizens’ freedom. Sexual minorities are one of the types of minorities in society, and according to the canons of democracy, minorities should not be oppressed by the majority. This applies to religion, race, nationality, and sexual orientation. Any minority should have the right to publicly declare its affiliation with that minority and discuss the advantages of their position and views. People around them should make their own decision whether to join such a minority or not; these are fundamental principles of personal freedom and democracy. As is known, freedom ends when it interferes with the freedom of others. No one should be allowed to impose their views or sexual orientation on others, forcing anyone to engage in actions that are unpleasant or unsuitable for them; it is precisely the coercion and violence that are unacceptable in a free society. But if someone simply publicly declares their views, preferences, and sympathies for a particular phenomenon, this should not be punished criminally.

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