Serik and Berik were told to pack New Year’s gifts for their classmates.

           They sat together in an empty classroom and distributed sweets, chocolates, cookies and mandarines.

           Suddenly Berik looked at Serik’s actions and, narrowing his eyes crookedly, asked:

           “Whose package is this?”

            “Mine”, Serik replied, going on with his work.

            Berik looked bewildered.

            “But you’ve put a spoiled mandarine there!”

            “Well, yes,” Serik talked and worked as if nothing had happened, “why?”

             Berik looked a bit embarrassed:

            “But why did you put the spoiled mandarine in your own package?”

             Now it was Serik’s turn to look surprised:

             “So how should it be? If we are entrusted with the distribution of common things, should we not take the worst? And our classmates will get all the best. Is it wrong?”

             After a few seconds of confusion Berik mumbled:

            “Yes, yes. You are right”, and, quietly pouring the sweets out of his package into a common heap, started all over.

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