Part 9. Presidential term.

Correspondent of the newspaper “La Tribune”:

– Mr. President, you have big plans that will take more than one year to implement them. Most likely, you will not have time to implement much of what you have said in one presidential term. Do you intend to run for this post for a second term, and possibly more?

President Tokayev:

– I understand perfectly well that everything that I have outlined cannot be implemented in the remaining two years of my presidential term, and even in the next five years of my second term. Moreover, I know that by the end of my and the second term, our country will face new challenges, new prospects, and this will always be the case. It is impossible to catch a moment when everything is already done, because life is in constant development. Therefore, I am initially aware that I will not have time to implement all my plans for the two presidential terms allotted by the Constitution. And despite this, I’m not going to try to extend my powers in any way. No way! This is my principled position and this is the main issue that arose before me after the change of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who, as you know, was at the head of state for more than 30 years. With all due respect to him, I believe that no one should be at the head of state for such a long time. There should be electability and changeability of power. Therefore, I declare to you for sure, I can say, I promise that after the end of the second term I will no longer be the president of the country and, perhaps, I will even retire from politics in order to avoid the temptation to interfere in it from my side and misinterpretations from the public.

Correspondent of the newspaper “Alash”:

– As you know, Mr. President, Nursultan Nazarbayev made exactly the same promises in 1993 and promised that he would leave power in two terms.

President Tokayev:

– Yes, I know. Therefore, I understand that the citizens of the country do not have much faith in my promise, but, in any case, as a trump card in future debates, this public promise of mine is now in history, and it will always be possible to reproach me with it.

I really don’t hold on to power any more than necessary. I see my mission as to put Kazakhstan on a new track after many years of authoritarianism and stagnation. I see my mission in becoming a reformer, not in running the state for as long as possible.

Correspondent of the newspaper “Caravan”:

– And how do you see your future after the presidency?

President Tokayev:

– I can clearly imagine him: I will live in retirement, do scientific work, perhaps write a book, travel, raise grandchildren and enjoy life.

Since I am going to live all the years of the presidency modestly and honestly, I am sure that I will have nothing to fear. I will not have bodyguards, I will freely and calmly communicate with people on the street. Since I will not illegally appropriate large amounts of wealth during my presidency, I will have nothing to fear, and my financial situation will not worsen. I will have a wealth that suits me perfectly as a citizen, so I will not hold on to power until the last. I will retire honestly and with dignity. If the policy of regular electability and change of power continues after me, if this leads to the democratization of our society, to the competitiveness of our economy, and, accordingly, to the improvement of the well-being of our citizens, then I will be happy watching all this from the position of an ordinary pensioner of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


– Thank you very much, Mr. President, for your honest and detailed interview. We hope that such meetings will become regular, and we will be happy to broadcast your thoughts to the people of Kazakhstan and to all people in other countries.

President Tokayev:

– Thank you very much! I am also for honesty and openness.

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