I have some acquaintances from the province. They have their own small business and they do not live in poverty. Recently, their child needed a treatment in the republican clinic. Patients with such a disease are included in the so-called quota, which means it is possible to receive free treatment at the expense of the state. For receiving it, it is necessary to get an appointment from the regional health department. Recently I saw them in Astana. They brought the child to the clinic. I asked them, how was the treatment going, did they come by quota? No, they said, they paid for the treatment themselves. I asked: “Why?” They said that they went for this appointment to the regional department, saw what was going on there, how many people wanted this appointment, and most importantly, how many of those who wanted were seriously ill and needy, and decided to give up the free appointment. We arrived at our expense. They said it is better if someone who needs it more than them, and who cannot afford it will receive that quota. We, thank Allah, have this opportunity.

           And I immediately recalled my other acquaintances. Also wealthy people, perhaps, even richer. Several years ago, they sent their son to study in England by the “Bolashak” Program. I asked them, why did they need “Bolashak”? They could send him at their own expense and not depend on anyone. They looked at me in surprise and said: “If there is an opportunity to send him at the expense of the state, then why not?”. I said them: “Because of you, one really smart boy from the village will not be able to get this scholarship. And he has no opportunity to go otherwise than by such a state scholarship”. But they did not understand me.

           Such different people, different philosophies and life positions.

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