I’m an atheist.

           I do not believe in supernatural power. I believe in the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, sociology, and others.

          But that’s not the point.

          How did it happen that in our society to own up to being an atheist is tantamount to admit in a non-traditional orientation?

         Yesterday’s confident communists, Komsomol members, pioneers insensibly turned into devout people. But at the same time these people brought from the Soviet past a characteristic feature of that time – intolerance of dissent.

         Recently, the whole class laughed at my nephew because he said he did not believe in Allah. Now he decided to just keep quiet about it. I am trying to convince him that he must not remain silent. “You have the right to be an atheist and should not be embarrassed of it. There are many of them” – I say. “Well, where are they? – he asks. – Why are they silent? Why we cannot see any atheists?”

        Indeed, it seems that being an atheist becomes more and more shameful every day, and soon will become unacceptable at all.


        It is believed that believers are spiritual, pure and honest. But it is not always true.

        Believers burned “witches” at the stake, led crusades, undermined people in terrorist attacks. As well as Soviet atheists destroyed churches and imprisoned priests.

        The track can be kept indefinitely, and I do not know in whose favor it will finally be.

        And maybe, the thing is that the qualities of a person do not depend on his religion, as well as on his nationality and skin color. Therefore, do not judge a man by his beard or a cross around his neck. Judge by his deeds.

P.S. This post is not about atheism. It is about tolerance and respect for other people’s views.

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