Do I need to borrow money from banks?

             I believe that it is necessary.


             Because without a loan, no business is possible.

             No, of course, you can buy an apple, wash it and sell it more, then buy two apples, wash them and sell them … and so on. But this will take a lifetime. And thanks to the banks, where free money of millions of people is concentrated, it is possible to realize grandiose projects. In this sense, banks are one of the most important inventions of mankind.

           And the same way in your personal life.

           You can save on the house for your whole lifetime, work hard at work and huddle in a shack, so that by the time you reach old age you can buy a house and die. And who will need this house if you did not have time to enjoy the joys of it?

           Therefore, you need to take a loan, buy a house and enjoy life.


           All of the above makes sense if you take a feasible loan, that is, if your income is enough to repay the loan and interest on it.

          Otherwise, loans are not good, but evil, which will ruin and destroy you.

          The second “but”: do not let the banks deceive you. Do not pay too much. Do not pay what you did not agree on.

           It’s like in any other business or service.

           Be careful!

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