Two drivers quarreled in the center of the city. Most likely, one of them cut off the second one. The drivers get out of the cars and begin to figure out the relationship on the fists. One beats the second and leaves contented. The second remains to lie on the asphalt.

         A familiar story, is not it?

         I would even say, predictable and ordinary. But it is such only for backward, undeveloped, wild countries. In a civilized country, this is almost impossible.

         Do you know why?

         For two reasons.

         First, the drivers themselves will not fight on the road, because they are afraid of punishment by the law. Such an act is stopped inevitably and severely there. Therefore, there are few people who want to wave their fists in the street.

         Secondly (and this is the main thing I wanted to say), it’s just that passers-by will not let to fight on the street. Yes, yes. Not policemen, but ordinary passers-by. They will not shoot on video an exciting spectacle, but will rush to separate the fighters. One of us will ask: “Why? He is not beating a woman or a child. Two adults can deal with each other on themselves”. Many of our passers-by, unfortunately, do not even think that clarifying relations by beating each other with their fists, even if these men are equal in strength is a sign of uncivilized, cave right. In the caves, the one who was stronger was right. So if you are bigger, you could spit on a passerby, take away things from him, beat him and so on.

         So do we really live in a cave, friends?!

         Are we really going to look at how passers-by fight on the streets in front of our eyes? Are we going to shoot them on video, encourage, and add kicks to the loser?

         Are we going to live in such a society?

         Or, regardless of who is right, and who is to blame, because of what a dispute arose, and so on, we will not allow fisticuffs to be created on our streets, will separate fighters and let the lawful justice settle disputes?

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