Back in the 1990s, when I first came to the USA, only one episode broke my euphoria about the Western way of life.

     We with a local friend went along the unfrequented street and admired the city. Suddenly, we were overtaken by a car from with incredibly loudly carried rap music. In the car there were a couple of young African Americans who took out their bare feet in the window and were sipping beer. They looked defiantly at us. A friend asked not to look at them, but rather turn away. Then he explained to me that African Americans and emigrants from Latin America are giving a lot of trouble to local residents. Tolerance makes them keep silent and forgive all sorts of small antics of these hooligans. But the problem was obvious.

     Then I tried to analyze where this aggression from the youngsters came from, where the arrogance and challenge to society came from. And I realized that this was a defensive reaction to the attitude of the whites towards them. No matter how they fought in the United States against racism, there are some manifestations of it.

     Blacks and colored people are less likely to be hired. Because of this, there are more unemployed people among them. Unemployment pushes them to commit crimes. And since crime rate is high among the black and colored people, employers are less willing to take them to work. It is a vicious circle.

     It will not be easy for America to break it. Toughening the requirements for black and colored people – means to cause resentment and unrest. To indulge hooligans means to accumulate dissatisfaction with the rest of the inhabitants, which is already on the edge.

     I think that President Obama, who in his speech on this issue said that hooligan actions will continue to be prevented by the police, is right, but in parallel with this it is necessary to solve the deep causes of high crime among emigrants.

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