I have two friends. Both are lawyers. Both are very competent. But their views of life are completely different.

            The first is an expert in legal loopholes. In any law, he finds gaps with great enthusiasm and then shows them to his friends with a victorious look, saying,
“Do you still observe this law? Dummies! I don’t give a damn, because I know what to do!”.

            The second friend is different. He is more straightforward. He pays more attention to the spirit of the law than to the letter. He sincerely believes in the need for the triumph of law in society. He believes that loopholes in the laws must be found not to use them, but to eliminate them. Therefore, he does not tell us about the found gaps in the laws, but actively writes to all state bodies and describes how to eliminate these gaps.

            Not long ago they had an argument in my presence.

            We were going somewhere in a car, three of us. The second friend was driving. Suddenly a police officer stopped us. It turned out that the friend violated the traffic rules. The police officer wrote a protocol. Suddenly the first friend interfered. He looked around and whispered, “Great! There are no cameras here. Just tell him you got the green light. We will confirm.” The second friend looked at him wearily “You’re doing this again? I violated the rule. Why show off? It’s my fault, so I’ll pay.” He signed the protocol. The first friend lamented, “What kind of moron are you! You’re incorrigible! Is it possible that you spent five years studying the laws so that you would just observe them?”

            And that’s their eternal argument.

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