– Stop swaying the boat. Stop worrying people. Why are you calling them to rallies against the authorities?

      – We want improvements in our lives. We want the government to submit to us, and not dominate in the country. We want corruption to stop in state agencies and in courts. We want the children of officials not to pay off criminal responsibility. We want the land to be distributed not through blat and not for bribes, but openly and fairly. We want smart and honest people to be appointed to public office, not someone’s relatives. We want the president, the country’s parliament to be elected for real and to be replaced every five to six years.

     – Do you want a Ukrainian script? Do you want the Maidan? Do you want to spill blood on the squares? So that our fathers, brothers, children will perish?

     – No, we do not want bloodshed. We, just like you, want to live in peace and quiet. But what should we do if we want to live better, but the government does not listen to us and does not hear us? Our requirements are ignored. How can we even reach the high offices?

     – Act in the legal field. Promote your ideas through Parliament, as is customary in democratic countries.

     – We tried. We wanted to create a truly opposition party, but we were not allowed to register it. We tried to get into the Parliament as independent deputies, but we were not allowed because of ridiculous occasions in a few tenge. We tried to act in social networks, but we were convicted only for the outposts of other people’s articles. We wanted to go to the central square and just express our opinion, but we were pushed into buses and taken to the police. What else can we do? How can we act to defend our interests and express our opinion?

     – Well, you performed at unauthorized rallies. Good. No harm done. Thank you for this to the authorities. After the rallies, a commission was established on the land issue. What else do you need? Enter this commission and work there.

     – Well, then. If the authorities need to say thank you that no one was hurt at peace rallies, that the police and the army did not shoot unarmed people, well, thank them for it. And for the creation of the commission, too, thank you. Only it is wrong that the government generously allows its people not to be shot at a rally, which creates a commission and then deprives citizens of the right to speak publicly. Understand that the right of public expression of own opinion is not a gift from the authorities, it is the constitutional right of citizens, and it does not disappear after any actions by the authorities. It must always exist. Regardless of whether the government has made concessions or not, has created some kind of commission or not.

     – History has shown that when conducting mass actions there are always provocateurs, hooligans, vandals, looters who want to take advantage of the situation and smash houses and shops, burn cars. Who will protect us from these criminals? You? You can not stop them without weapons and without authority. And if so, then do not gather people into an unruly crowd. Do not risk our quiet life.

     – Indeed, we have no weapons and no right to detain someone from the crowd. The police should handle this. That is why it exists to protect public order. Organizers of events should not be engaged in protection. Just like the organizers of many thousands of football matches or concerts in stadiums are not involved in the protection of public order. Even at matches between sworn rivals, where skirmishes between fans are predictable, the police manages to maintain order. Why does the peace procession with placards cause the authorities more anxiety and fear? Is it because the government is ready to resolve any people’s speeches, but not with criticism of the authorities themselves? Is this how it should be?

     – We do not want revolutions, because nationalists will come to power and expel non-Kazakhs from the country, as it was in Ukraine. Do you want that?

     – Firstly, the revolution is not an end in itself for us. We also do not want shocks. If the authorities are elected by the people and obey the people, why do we need a revolution?

     Secondly, the coming to power of extreme nationalists, or rather chauvinists, is a scarecrow invented by the authorities. Radicals are not as many as you think. The bulk of people do not want interethnic conflicts and want to live with all the peoples in peace and harmony, like many years before. Our requirements are not related to the national question. Our requirements are related to the development of democracy and freedom in the country for all citizens, regardless of nationality.

     By the way, the Ukrainian script just proves our rightness. Radical nationalists were active participants of the Maidan, but then they could not become the dominant political force in the country. Now there are no international problems in Ukraine.

     – We consider that there are no alternatives to the incumbent President in the country. Nobody enjoys such authority and respect from the majority of citizens. Call at least one person who could take his place. There is no one. With the departure of the President, inter-clan bickering will begin. It can reach civil war. These pseudo-politics will not stop in front of anything.

     – We also do not want inter-clan breakdown and civil war. But do not you wonder why the question is in this way? Why is the government formed so that one person decides everything in the country, and a whole nation depends on his opinion, on his mood and on his departure? It should not be.

     A system of checks and balances must be created. The power of some bodies and officials should be limited to other bodies. There must be an open and not oppressed opposition in the country that could at any time criticize the current government and at any time could peacefully come to power. Only then, there will be competition between politicians. The people will vote with their own voices for the best. Only then we will develop as a nation and as a country.

      – Criticizing power is easiest. After all, power is a reflection of the people. We are like that. We give and take bribes ourselves, we do our work unprofessionally, we ourselves are rude to others. Why do you think that in such country power will be better than the people will? Start with yourself. Put your order in your porch, your yard, your street. Then demand something from the authorities.

     – Yes, you are right. Power is a reflection of the people and it is necessary to start with yourself. But we have already started with ourselves for a long time. We voluntarily organize subbotniks in our yards. We demand from the chairman of the KSK replacement of pipes. We organized the movement “Stop, boor!”. It was without the participation of the authorities that we gathered humanitarian aid to the flood victims in the Karaganda region. We came out with shovels and cleared mud from the village in Alma-Ata. This we require in the social networks punishment of criminals, regardless of their relationship. We are already doing all this. Now we want to influence the power. We want the akims and ministers to resign at our request, so that at our request we cancel the insane expenses for the construction of the pantheon, so that at our request we prohibit the sale of land to foreigners. We are citizens of this country, and we want us to decide how to develop it, how to live.

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