The Kazakhstan customs is periodically shaken by corruption scandals.

     I think that it’s not a matter of individuals, but of the system.

     No matter who takes this or that position, after a while he gets into the criminal scheme or creates one.

     The root of the evil is in the political system of the country.

     Corruption thrives in undemocratic authoritarian regimes. World statistics confirm this.

     In an authoritarian system, officials are dependent not on voters, but on a higher-ranking official, there is no need to be public and open. One must be not professional and honest, but loyal and involved in the affairs of the boss. There is no competition inside the political system and inside state bodies. Everybody is related by kinship and clan connections.

     All this in aggregate is a favorable environment for the development of corruption in any state body.

     A panacea for this is only in the development of democracy. All important public positions should be elected. Real opposition parties should act in the country, which could closely monitor one another and identify the slightest violations of the law by opponents and make them public, so that the next time the people choose critics and not their opponents.

     This is how democracy works.

     And this is the best remedy for corruption.

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