I could never understand people who don’t accept criticism.

They get offended by any comments addressed at them; zealously watching that no one makes caustic remarks behind their back; any unflattering statement and they’re ready to pounce at you with fists or sarcastically exclaim: “Look at yourself.”

I feel sorry for these people.

To hide from criticism is like turning away from a mirror.

The fact that you avoid looking in the mirror doesn’t make you prettier and neater, you just play hide and seek with yourself and delay the moment of truth.

It’s much wiser to listen to every criticism and draw conclusions from it.

Of course, mentally you need to make allowances for subjectivity. That is, you need to understand that some of the critics may be interested in something and may lie to confuse you. Make a mental memo of this, but in no way try to shut him up. Let him speak. Perhaps you will find grains of truth in his words. And every truth is always useful, as it allows you to look at yourself from a different point of view and change for the better.

Therefore, I say “thank you” to every critic.


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