All the holy scriptures that have come down to us (the Torah, the Bible, the Koran, etc.) state that God is omniscient, that is, he knows (knows) about everything that has happened, is happening and will happen on earth, in the water, in heaven.

Moreover, he himself created all things on Earth and himself predetermined their fate.

Therefore, he knows in advance when a person will be born, how long and how he will live when he dies. There is even such a phrase: “Not a single hair from a person’s head will fall without the knowledge of God.”

But in this case, the question arises: why does God send a lot of trials to man? Does God not know in advance whether a person will pass them or not?

Why does God send a lot of temptations to a person, and then get angry at him if he succumbs to them? After all, God himself determined the future of a person, therefore, he knew in advance whether a person would pass the test or not. So why is God angry? After all, anger means a negative reaction to events that do not meet expectations. It means that God still hopes every time that a person will pass the test. And therefore, God does not know the outcome of events in advance. In this case, he is not omniscient.

Most of the holy scriptures are filled with calls to believe in God. Then there are descriptions of paradise, which is prepared for those who believe, and descriptions of hell, which awaits those who do not believe.

However, if God knows in advance the fate of every person on Earth, then what is the point of calling for faith? After all, God knows in advance that a person will believe or not believe in him. And if God calls for faith and even threatens a person for disobedience, which means that God is not sure of the outcome of the case, and therefore he does not know for sure how the fate of a person will turn out. So God is not omniscient.

In general, religion has driven itself into a dead end.

If God is omniscient, then in this case he looks very stupid, like a person who wrote a script himself, shot a film based on it, and then at the screening, waiting with trepidation for the denouement of the film, wondering if the main character will pass the test or not.

If God does not know the fate of every person on Earth, then he is not omniscient.

The omniscience of God is one of the main tenets of faith.

If we question the fact that God sees and knows everything, then all faith collapses. This means that you can deceive God, hide from him, break his script. And if a person can determine his own destiny, decide for himself whether to pass the tests or not, then what is the power and meaning of God? So, this is equivalent to his absence. With or without God, a person decides for himself where to turn: left or right. Then what is God’s role here? This means that it simply does not exist.

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