When I was in the civil service I sometimes violated the rules of the road. I repent. I exceeded the speed limit, forgot to turn on the lights on the track. It really happened.

            But I never thought of avoiding the responsibility for my violations, by the help of my position, and the so-called “crust” (service certificate).

            On the contrary, I tried not to indicate my place of work. I did not want the policeman to find out that the rules were violated by the Vice Minister or by the Deputy Mayor.

            I was ashamed to disgrace my department and post in his eyes.

            I humbly confessed my guilt (if I was really guilty) and signed the protocol, and then paid a fine. As an ordinary citizen.

            If I did not agree with the accusations, then I argued my correctness with arguments but not with a post.

            For some reasons some officials understand the application of their status in a completely different way. They think that the “crust” is an indulgence from responsibility for petty offenses, and they use it at any convenient opportunity.

            I would even equate a demonstration of the service certificate with an aggravating circumstance or an independent violation as abuse of the official position.

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