Recently I spoke with an Italian that I know. Conversation started on public services. He really liked our system of PSCs. He says they do have one. People still go to different institutions.

     Then he showed me his documents for comparison, and I showed mine.

     It turned out that in Italy people still use and carry with them paper “Codici fiscal” (in our terms – TIN). Do you remember these pieces of paper? Some have already forgotten. I tell him, why carry this piece of paper, if the TIN is already printed on identity cards? He thought about it and said: really, why?

     Then he showed me his “Carta d’Identita” (in our terms – an identity card).  His is a paper book with two pages. I showed my plastic ID. The acquaintance explained that in some provinces of Italy, too, they issue plastic IDs, and some issue paper certificates. And here I was surprised: why in a unitary country identity cards have different types? He shrugged his shoulders and said nothing.

     Then I finished him off by the fact that in Kazakhstan I can open a company on the Internet within 5 minutes, change driver license in the Special PSC within an hour and many more things.

     My acquaintance seems to have discovered Kazakhstan in a new way.

     “You have a cutting edge country,” he said, “you are doing great job!”

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