The transition of the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin alphabet excited all of our society. Citizens actively joined in its discussion. Now there are already several variants of the alphabet on the Internet. Analyzing almost all of them, I came to the conclusion that the dispute is only about a few letters that convey Kazakh specific sounds. The Latin letters, such as “a”, “b”, “d”, “p”, “r”, “s”, “t” do not cause questions.

     In this case, I believe that it is more productive for experts and interested citizens to concentrate on the specific letters of the Kazakh language and conduct a detailed discussion on them. For each letter.

     For this I compiled tables for each of them, where I reflected all possible variants of their writing, all the pros and cons.

     For convenience, I numbered the options.

     Now I ask all interested people to express their opinion or simply vote for this or that variant (the tables will be published in separate posts). Of course, such a voting does not pretend to be sufficiently representative and is not official. However, it can become a reflection of popular opinion.


     We have a unique chance to create history ourselves. The alphabet, which will be adopted in the near future, will determine the development of the Kazakh language for many years, and hence the entire Kazakh people as a whole.

     In such a crucial issue for the nation, we need to show civic activity and express our opinion.

     Vote for the correct letter!

     Vote for the correct Kazakh language!

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