They say that when the President of the United States gives food to the homeless, when he takes part in social videos or visits areas suffering from disasters, he engages in cheap publicity.

     And I want to ask people who say so, “How should the head of a democratic state behave? As a king, as a god? Majestically and in a condescending way, like father? Watch everything from his palace and give instructions to his citizens from there? Learn about the life of the country from newspapers and TV news?”

      I don’t think so.

     In a democratic state, power belongs to people. To get this power from the people, you need the people to like you. You need to be closer to the people, be a part of the nation. And you need to be engaged in some publicity. Because without this people won’t like you and won’t give you any power.

      This is the basics of democracy.

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