In the beginning you are young and ambitious, you want to stand out from the crowd. You think you are trendy. You go the bazars of big cities in order to buy clothes which are absent in your village or town. You are proudly wearing sport costumes of “Abibas” or “Naike”, sweater “Guchi”, talking with mobile phone of “Nocia”, wearing watches with mysterious name “Time”. You look down to your peers. You do not notice how you become sick with materialism.

          Then you earn own first salary. You can afford yourself to visit south or north capitals. The main aim of the trip – to buy clothes. Here, at the first time you buy yourself the costume of “Pierre Cardin” and wear it not tearing off the label from sleeve. You do not go in for sport, but anyway now you are buying sport costume of “Adidas” and “Nike”, and contemptuously looking at people who wear costumes of “Abibas” or “Naike”. You wear Japanese watches “Citizen”, talk with the phone “LG” and drive own first car “Lada”. You attentively watch clothes of yur peers: classmates and groupmates. Your illness is gaining strength.

          You become rich. You move into the brick high-rise apartments with concierge of the central district of the capital. You stop chasing clothes. You are no longer interested in money as a means of buying nice things. You are more pleased with their investment in an interesting transaction or use for charitable purposes. You stop wasting your valuable time for a long selection of clothes, you buy only what is practical and convenient. You can walk in simple Levi’s jeans and expensive Prada sneakers, but not because they are expensivene, but because they are comfortable. In this case, you no longer buy a model with a screaming red label in a prominent place. You do not care. Finally, you buy the simplest Japanese watch “Citizen”, comfortable and reliable. You wanted to buy them for a long time instead of these heavy, capricious, inconvenient Swiss tourbillons, but the position obligated. You drive a Mercedes of the middle class, because you do not need any more, and it is really reliable and safe. You are moving from a twenty-room cottage to a small house where you can live and get along with your wife and sometimes you can meet guests. Your children have grown up and moved away, so the 18 rooms in your cottage were absolutely useless. You often go on foot to work and back to home, talk to sellers and waiters. You look at people around you, gaze, listen. You catch up with communication with people of those times which were spent behind the glass of own limousine or office. You see on the street young guys in the sports costumes of “Abibas” or “Naike” and are ready to give them all own fortune, if you could change places and age with them.

          You are an adult and wise.

          Now you’re healthy.

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