I do not support some of my Facebook friends, who declare their dislike for banks.

       It comes to the fact that they dream that the server of the bank with their debts burned down or broke down.

       I myself often lent money and acted as a bank. And I’ve always been struck by the psychology of people who, asking for money, come to you for help, seeing you as a friend and a savior, and then, when they had to repay debts, they treated you as a bloodsucker.

       This is wrong.

       Ideally, a decent person, even if the server of the bank crashed or the receipt was lost, should come to the bank and voluntarily return the debt, because it is a right thing to do. This is the psychology of a decent person: if you borrowed money – you must return it. Ill-gotten gains never prosper.

       Isn’t that right?

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