I remembered how when I was deputy akim of Astana and vice-minister, I went out with my family to the city on weekends, some passers-by recognized me and looked at me in amazement. They were very surprised: “a person like him with no bodyguards!” )))

       And I always liked the democratic style of behavior when, for example, German Chancellor Angela Merkel can stop in the street and talk to tourists from Kazakhstan (a real fact) or when the mayor of London goes to work by bicycle.

       And, on the contrary, I absolutely do not like it when some of our leaders go to work, the police block traffic, or when these “agashkas” go to lunch and the whole restaurant closes.

       When will we get away from this?

       Or maybe it’s our, citizens’ fault. There is not yet a culture of perception of a famous person in ordinary situations. We always start to stare demonstratively, try to shake hands, ask questions.

       Maybe that’s why they’re hiding from us? )))

       I have a request for ordinary citizens. Please, if you see a minister or akim in the mall or in the cinema, do not make wide eyes and point a finger at him, do not ask him professional questions like “When will the milk yield increase?” or “Will there be a devaluation or not?”. Let them enjoy their communication with their family and friends. Let them from time to time dissolve in the crowd and feel like a simple citizen.

        And then maybe they will stop hiding behind the guards and entourage, maybe they will get closer to people)))

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