In Europe, I noticed a lot of attention is paid to the environment. This is the theme slips in many areas of life.

      For example, go to a restaurant, and there on a tray it is written that it is made of natural decomposing substances. On a napkin.

      You check into a hotel, and there are all paper napkins and toilet paper some gray, seemingly poor quality. You’re going to scandal and demand snow-white, and suddenly you find a leaflet, where the hotel proudly declares that it uses napkins from secondary material, that is, from waste paper. Thereby they want to say that save the forest on Earth.

      Go to the diner, and there you put bread on a cardboard saucer. And not such a cheap diner. And I realize that they don’t skimp on the saucers. That they emphasize that their ware is recycled, and therefore, natural resources are protected.

      Or here’s another example. Rent a car through the Internet and discover, among other parameters of the car (body type, transmission type, etc.), the amount of emissions into the atmosphere. It would seem, what business to me, how many will throw out carbon dioxide my rented car in some days that I on it go. But no. Conscious Europeans are looking closely at this option and choose cars with lower emissions.

      And finally. I got killed by a rough canvas bag in a store. Pure cotton and not made of polyethylene. And written on it: “Recycle or die” (Overdo it or you will die).

      Environmental thinking has penetrated the consciousness of Europeans and taken root there. From there, the trend is spreading to other countries. Of course, over time it will give tangible results. All right, look, we’ll save our old World.

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