Recently many well-off Kazakhstanis send their children at a very early age to study abroad. It’s not even about studying at a university, but about secondary education. 15-16-year-old boys and girls leave. This is done to ensure that children learn the foreign language better and are prepared to enter the university.

       But I have a question: is education really more important than upbringing? At this age, children are not yet formed psychologically. They are like modelling clay. Their character, views on life, moral foundations are just beginning to take shape. And at this critical moment they are not in their own family, near their parents and under their influence, but among people of a completely different way of life, with other traditions and values.

       Is it correct?

       Yes, they will speak immaculate English, they will be perfectly educated, but will they be brought up in the spirit of their family? If not, what does this child have to do with his family, his nation, his motherland?

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