Human behavior is based on two basic instincts inherent in it genetically: the instinct of survival and the instinct of reproduction. These are fundamental instincts that are inherent in all living organisms existing in nature and thanks to which they have been preserved and developed.

People, as highly developed and highly organized beings, in the course of the evolution and development of society, erected a very complex superstructure of relationships on these instincts, which they called psychology, sociology, politics, etc.

However, no matter how veiled the true motives of a person, no matter how they are wrapped in a beautiful wrapper, nevertheless, basic instincts dictate to any person a model of behavior according to which he, first of all, cares about himself personally, about his interests, about his survival and reproduction, that is, about what they serve his personal interests, his “ego”.

A person’s selfishness is the fundamental motive of his behavior.

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