A few years ago my grandmother died of cancer. Before her death she suffered greatly. The pain grew slowly and tormentingly. Therefore, the dose of pain relievers was increased all the time. Finally, the time came when the maximum permissible dose ceased to function. At this point, my grandmother was left alone with all-consuming pain. She tossed on the bed, writhing with suffering, periodically falling into unconsciousness. She could not eat and drink normally, was exhausted and was no longer able to get out of bed on her own. First she screamed in pain, then she just groaned. During her last days she begged her family to do something and save her from suffering.

     But relatives had to watch this agony with tears in their eyes, unable to do anything.

     Since then I have been thinking about the attitude of our society towards euthanasia. It seems to me that those who witnessed such painful last days of their loved ones, have forever become a supporter of euthanasia, that is, a person’s ability to go to a better world without suffering.

     I also think that it is necessary to allow euthanasia in Kazakhstan. Of course, at the same time, it is necessary to take measures to protect citizens from possible abuses (it can go to murders under the guise of euthanasia).

     Since we talk about the most important value: human life, and the consequences of such actions are irreparable, it is necessary to legislatively fix the strictest procedures:

     firstly, euthanasia should be applied only to adults and to mentally healthy people;

     secondly, euthanasia is applicable only in the case of an incurable disease accompanied by      excruciating pain, or in the case of an irreversible coma;

     thirdly, the decision on euthanasia must be approved by a medical consultation in the presence of lawyers and relatives of the patient;

     fourthly, such a decision for greater security can be attributed to the competence of the court or jurors.

     Other ways of guarantee are also possible.

     All of them are worth it to ease the last days of our incurably ill grandmothers, grandfathers, relatives and friends.

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