Often, in conversations about the need to learn Kazakh language, I hear a hackneyed phrase: there are no good textbooks in Kazakhstan, there are no methodologies, there are no training centers, no teachers.

     I never listened to such arguments, because I was sure that whoever is looking for – will always find it.

     But complaints continue to appear from post to post.

     Then I thought. Maybe I’m wrong, and this is really a big problem.

     I decided to check everything myself again. I did it the way I always do when I’m looking for something: I turned to Google. I typed in the search line first “self-taught Kazakh language”, then – “Kazakh language textbook”, then – “Kazakh language lessons”, then – “Kazakh language training centers”, then – “Kazakh language tutor”.

     And you know what? I found dozens of sites and ads on the topic. The Internet is full of offers with educational materials, training centers, tips and even games, ready to help learn the Kazakh language.

     Maybe someone does not have time to search through Google for all this, he needs someone to find everything for him and bring him on a silver platter?

     Good. I did it! I went through all the sites and collected all the necessary information on one sheet. Below is a list of links to textbooks and tutorials, training sites, coordinates of training centers, a site for finding a tutor and even applications in a game form, with which you can practice Kazakh language every day for five minutes.

     What else can I do for those who cannot learn the Kazakh language ?!

     Or maybe it’s just those who do not want to learn it?

     In any case, now when someone will complain about the lack of opportunities to learn the language, I will send such people this post and completely refute the myth about the absence of everything necessary for learning the Kazakh language.

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