A little bit about stupid superstitions.

     Everyone knows our Kazakh belief in the name of “koz tiedi” or in Russian – the evil eye.

     Modern educated people still believe in this nonsense. They hide from the prying eyes of their newborns for up to 40 days, smear specks on the foreheads, cling a pin to them on clothes, spit in a literal sense on the cute kids, and finally, the modern form of this nonsense – close their children’s photos in social networks with the muzzles of animals. It is just a glaring interbreeding of medieval darkness with modern technology!

     You know. If this nonsense – the evil eye – really worked, then in Europe, probably, would be the highest infant mortality rate. Perhaps, there no one would have even reached the age of one year. Because almost from the first day after birth, they pull their child out to everyone’s eye, walk with him along the street, and proudly show to friends, acquaintances and neighbors. At the same time, they do not scold the child, they do not say, “U, zhaman balla!” (“Oh, bad child!”), on the contrary, they are touched, admire, and add compliments. According to our concepts, that is the end! If you do not urgently go to the grandmother and burn adyraspan (in English, burial ground) over the head of the child, he will fall ill or, at least, lose sleep and appetite.

     No. Do you seriously believe in all this? Having two higher educations, one of which has a medical one for every second, do you believe that a look thrown at a child who does not understand anything can deprive him of sleep and appetite?

     Sometimes I think, are we doing in the right way? Do we need to develop our medicine, build huge medical clusters, buy expensive equipment, and invite world luminaries? What for? If the grandmother with adyraspan rules here?

     Should not we just start by clearing our brains out?

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