There are people who seek excuses, and those who seek opportunities.

     The first do not enter the university, because they believe that the teachers are corrupted, and they don’t need knowledge, but bribes. The second learn subjects by heart, they take exams on their own, if they do not pass from the first time, they try it over and over again, they prove their probity and achieve their entry.

     The first one cannot find a job, because they are sure that employees are hired through connections, bed or on disadvantageous terms. The second stubbornly bypasses one employer after another, if they do not find work after own heart, temporarily go for a lower position, show themselves from the good side, move up the career ladder, achieve success.

     The first cannot marry and even get acquainted with the girl, because they are convinced that practically there are no good girls, and if they are, they are inaccessible. The latter are looking for the girl of their dreams, and if they find, they won’t back down, they can strive for a reciprocal love for years.

     The first do not exercise and spend the evenings on the couch in front of the TV with a glass of beer, because “today is bad weather for running”, “left side of my chest aches a bit,” or “I’m too tired from work.” The second win over their laziness and under any conditions, the exercise anywhere, even on vacation, on a business trip or in prison.

     The former is not into self-improvement, does not read new books, does not discover new knowledge for themselves, because “they already know everything”, and therefore spend evenings on meaningless TV shows. The latter constantly grow professionally and spiritually. They always read books; if there are no books, they attend courses and trainings; if there are no relevant courses, they find useful information on the Internet.

     If a person does not want to do something, then he will find a thousand excuses to not do it. If a person wants something, then he will find a thousand opportunities to do it. It’s not about circumstances, it’s about desire.

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