Recently, I selected candidates for the vacant position.

     I noticed such statistics. Only 20 percent of those who were denied the job, found the strength to adequately say goodbye. That is, to my letter with regret that they did not pass the interview and good luck in the future, only one out of five politely answered me the same. The remaining 80 percent of people who only recently professed in compliments and expressed their burning desire to work in our company, after the refusal, suddenly abruptly forgot the rules of etiquette and simply disappeared.

     Even less, only ten percent of the candidates, after a refusal, called me back and asked me to point out their weaknesses that prevented them from taking the getting the job. And after receiving the explanations, thanked me. That is, not only did these people not take offense at refusal, but also looked for the ways of self-improvement, and this demonstrated their best quality.

     I always said: more important is not how a person greets you, but how says goodbye. At the moment when you leave each other, and do not depend on one on other, person reveals its true nature and shows its true attitude towards you.

     Therefore, it is sometimes useful to say goodbye to a person. If the farewell was good, then the next meeting is inevitable.

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