The Government of Kazakhstan is considering the issue of imposing unconditional payments to all citizens of the country. This means that irrespective of age, sex, employment, well-being, all Kazakhs will be paid a small amount of money from the state budget regularly, every month. Just for the fact that they are citizens of this country.

     Personally, I am absolutely against such a measure.

     I think that in no case can people give away money just like that. This step for its perniciousness is comparable to a mass introduction to drugs. “Free” money corrupts people, causing addiction to doing nothing. We risk generating, or rather, increasing the layer of professional idlers and parasites who live on various benefits and even pensions of parents (yes, there are such not only in Europe, but also in our country, and there are many of them). The appetite of these youngsters grows very quickly, and soon we will see demonstrations in the streets, where indignant lazy people will angrily demand an increase in unconditional payments.

     And most importantly, the distribution of money violates the very principle of building economic relations in society. It will be possible to receive money without spending your effort on it. The able-bodied population of Kazakhstan will be demotivated. The economy of the country will be thrown back.

     I heard such an argument: people who are provided with daily bread will be able to do their favorite things, give themselves to art, hobbies. In my opinion, this is also an erroneous idea. As Steve Jobs said, do your favorite thing, and you will not have to work a single day. But he, as a true entrepreneur, meant to engage in socially useful business, that is, what is useful to people, and for what they will want to pay you money. So it is here. If someone does not want to deal with an unloved business, then, please, let him do his favorite, but useful, business. And if we are to feed unrecognized geniuses from our common money, whose works no one wants to read, watch or use, we will simply squander some of the national wealth on such loafers with high conceit.

     If the budget has extra money (which is not so, it is not clear why this idea was born at all), then it is necessary to spend them on the infrastructure. We need to build roads, communications, hospitals, schools. All this in aggregate raises the standard of living, creates an environment where one wants to live and work. It is to work, create new values ​​and get money from people for them. And do not wait for “free” handouts on top.

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