Recently the court passed a verdict against two people in Kazakhstan. One of them sold his kidney for money, and the second bought it, because one of his own kidneys has refused. They voluntarily made a deal, and the doctors made an organ transplantation.
          However, under the Kazakhstani law, the sale of organs by a living person for money is prohibited and punishable by the law. As well as buying organs from a living person.
          Personally, I believe that such a prohibition contradicts the fundamental principle of a free society – the right of the individual to independently dispose of his body and his life.
In our Constitution we proclaimed that the highest value of the state is a person, his rights and freedoms. In that case, why do we, the society, decide for a person, how can he dispose of himself?
If we want to be consistent in respecting the freedom of the individual, we need to allow people to dispose of their bodies, including the fact that, for example, someone wants to engage in prostitution. If we recognize the full right of man to dispose of himself, then we must allow him euthanasia as well. A person does not harm people around him by this action. Then why should we prevent him from doing this? Is not this prohibition a manifestation of the principle of the domination of society over a person?
          Or here is another example: the law obliges drivers and car passengers to wear their seatbelt. And I have a question: who will be harmed if the driver gets into an accident and will suffer because he was unfastened? As far as I understand, only he will be harmed. In this case, why does the legislator interfere in the personal life and safety of the person and make him under the threat of punishment take care of himself? Do we forbid people to go out at night? It is not safe too. Do we forbid people to go rafting and diving? Sometimes people die there too. Why do we recognize human freedom in some cases, and do not in other cases?
          In my opinion, it is necessary to be consistent and allow the person to decide what to do with his body and with his life. Of course, we are talking about capable citizens. Children and people with mental disorders do not realize their actions. Public regulation is acceptable with respect to them. But in all other cases, the freedom of the individual must be above all else.
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