In one remote country, Kolkhozstan (well, as far, actually, not so far away) there lived a prosecutor named Prosecutor.

     Yes, it happened, so that he was really called the Prosecutor.

     The fact is that his father was a prosecutor, his uncle was a prosecutor, and in general, many in the family were prosecutors, so it was clear from the outset who the prosecutor’s son would become. Therefore, in order not to mislead anyone and not give reasons for doubt, the father named his son at the birth of the Prosecutor. In 25 years he really became a prosecutor. That in the collective farm is not surprising.

     So, one day the Prosecutor went on a program of sharing experiences in a distant country The Former Wild West (FWW). There he was met by a local prosecutor and led to be acquainted with the customs of the Former Wild West.

     Here, they go along the central streets of the capital of the FWW of the city of Byckington, look around. It is a small cozy town. However, it is some low, provincial. It cannot be compared with the capital of the Kolkhozstan Capital (this is the name of the city, the capital of the Kolkhozstan is the Capital) with its ceramic granite skyscrapers and quicksand. What could they, former convicts and shepherds, create?

     Suddenly, two prosecutors see demonstration on the central street of Buckington. How is the demonstration? Ten people are standing in a circle, smoking, talking about something, and holding some posters in their hands. The prosecutor is surprised and asks:

     – By what kind of right do these demonstrators stand here, in front of all honest police?

     The Western prosecutor is surprised by himself:

     – It is shy to ask, where should they stand?

     – What do you mean where? – Out of habit, almost turning to scream, the Prosecutor answers. – In prison! Well, in extreme cases, in the square behind the cinema.

     – But to whom do they interfere? Let them stand, – shows the toothless faint-heartedness of the Western prosecutor.

     – So, it is not far from Maidan!

     – Sorry, but for 240 years of the state’s existence, there has not been a single day without demonstrations, and we do not know any Maidan. What are you talking about? As far as I know, the Maidans arise, just where demonstrations are banned. Is not it?

     – And what is written on them on the posters? The prosecutor is changing the topic of the conversation.

     By the way, it should be noted that the Prosecutor does not speak the western language, because at the institute he studied periodically, or rather, two times: at the beginning, at admission, and at the end, at the receipt of the diploma. Honestly, he does not own other sciences, but is this important if he is the son of a prosecutor? It is good that the Western prosecutor speaks the Eastern language, so he can communicate with the Prosecutor.

     – Yes, they are against President Obama’s health care reform, he replies.

     Here, it must be said that in the FWW president recently a man of unusual appearance became unexpectedly for everyone. It was such a surprise to everyone that many people bluntly exclaimed: “Both-on!”. Since then, this name has consolidated the president.

     – Against the president? – exclaims the Prosecutor, – Yes they can already be sent to prison for this!

     – Uh, – the prosecutor wanted to say something, but realized that he would have to start from afar, very far away, and the time was already approaching dinner.

     Then they pass to the next street and suddenly see a new demonstration.

     – And what do you need? What did they say on the banners? – the Prosecutor asked discontentedly.

     – And these people demand my resignation, and they have written that I’m a thief? – the prosecutor answers, smiling.

     Then the Prosecutor was dumbfounded.

     – What?!!

     – Well yes. They say that I am a thief. What is wrong with that? Did not anyone call you that in your country?

     – I tried to name one. He has been in jail for three years already.

     – For what?! Just for calling you a thief?

     – Yes!

     – It is amazing. Nevertheless, we are judged not for words, but for deeds. For example, if a person says, “I’ll hit you,” will you condemn him?

     – No.

     – And if he really hits someone,  will you judge?

     – Yes.

     – So, it is here. Words do not mean anything by themselves. A person cannot be punished for the words.

     – But it is so horrible to what it can get to. Imagine everyone around will say whatever they think in their heads. For example, that I am a bribe taker, and you are even worse, I am sorry, a homosexual.

     – We had the same in the beginning. Then people began to appreciate their words. For example, if a person does not have evidence that you are a bribe taker, he will not talk in vain, so as not to be called a balabol, as you call. Correct? People realized that words more characterize not the one they are talking about, but the one who speaks.

     – But these people are standing with posters, that you are a thief!

     – Yes. So what? They cannot prove it, so no one pays any attention to them. They have devalued their words. Based on one of their words, no one will put me in jail, and no one will believe that I am a homosexual. This we call freedom of speech. By the way, how did you know that I was homosexual?

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