Festive decoration of shops, restaurants, and salons has become a familiar phenomenon in the cities of Kazakhstan. But not every philistine knows how this is done and at what cost.

           The fact is that, in many cases it’s akimats (city halls) who decide to lighten up the mood this way, not the owners of establishments. They by all the truth and crook oblige businessmen to decorate their facilities with lights, signs, New Year’s trees. Sometimes such decoration contradicts to the concept of the brand, especially when it comes to franchising facilities. If the owners refuse to break the design of shop-windows and spend their own money on it, the akimat’s employees threaten them, and sometimes even go for administrative enforcement actions.

            Knowing how all this is done, and having experienced it myself, I no longer happy with the festive decoration of shops, but instead I’m wondering how much it cost the poor owner.

            I think it’s about time to put an end to this practice.

            If the akimat decided to lighten up the mood of citizens, then they should do it themselves, at the expense of the budget, and not at the expense of business.

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