Today my mother came to visit and told me another hadeeth (she is Muslim, a haji).

            In the city of Medina, where the Prophet Muhammad spent his last years, a blind old man, a Jew, was living by begging. He did not like Islam and Muslims. Every day, sitting in the bazaar, he loudly reviled this new religion and urged the townspeople not to join it. And every day the Prophet Muhammad came to this old man, brought him food and fed him without saying a word.

            This continued for a long time. Then the Prophet passed away.

            At his funeral, the father of his wife Aisha Abu Bakr asked his daughter, “What good deeds did the holy Prophet do, which I could continue for him?” Aisha told him about the blind old man in the bazaar. The next day, Abu Bakr went to the bazaar and began to feed the blind Jew. The old man asked, “Who are you?”. “I am the one who has fed you for many years”, answered the Prophet’s father-in-law. “No. You’re not him. He fed me gently and stroked my hand”, the old man said. Then Abu Bakr told the blind man the whole truth. When he heard this, he cried and exclaimed, “For many years I blasphemed and scolded the Prophet, and he silently fed me with his own hands?! If Muslims do this, then from this moment I am a Muslim!”

            Прекрасная история! 

            Я, как атеист, сейчас даже не хочу рассуждать о правдивости этой истории. Важно другое. Этот хадис учит быть милостивым даже к тому, кто не любит тебя.

           Это великая сила.

           Многие ли из мусульман, да и вообще из всех людей, способны на это?

           What a beautiful story!

           I, as an atheist, now do not even want to talk about whether this story is truth. Another thing is what’s important. This hadeeth teaches you to be merciful even to someone who does not love you.

           This is a great power.

           How many of the Muslims, and of all the people, can do this?

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