One time I played hockey. As in other team sports, there are important in addition to physical training and the will, intelligence and team spirit.

             However, I do not remember since when, but in the big hockey has become the norm to arrange a fight on the field with rivals. Now, almost no match goes by without fighting.

             What kind of savagery and shame?!

             Hockey is not the same sport as those where we see noble deeds. Remember, as runners were helped up a fallen opponent as cyclists supported the tired competitor. Even in the martial arts and in MMA rivals hug and shake hands. They respect each other.

             What in hockey?

             Do men really playing it, not peculiar to the nobility?

             I want to see as a hockey player, in the heat of the game touched the opponent, approaching him and shaking his hand, as colliding hockey players will help each other to get up, as after an unsuccessful attack the attacker will drive up to the goalie and say with sincerity, “well Done!”.

            That’s what a relationship should be on the Playground!

            That’s what need to teach the boys great athletes!

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