How do I feel about homosexuality?

          It’s hard to explain in a few words.

          The first postulate I adhere to is that homosexuality is a deviation from the normal behavior of a biological individual. Nature has established a mechanism for the reproduction of humans through sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. From this, children are born, and the human race continues as a species. Therefore, this kind of connection is natural and normal.

         The second postulate: homosexual deviations in the human psyche are instilled genetically. At the conception of people the nature gives them different doses of hormones. Sometimes boys get more female hormones than necessary, and they become softer, tender, and, therefore, inclined to associate themselves with a female individual. They are genetically predisposed to homosexuality. Their aspiration can be suppressed, detained, concealed, but, in my opinion, it is impossible to destroy. Therefore, mostly homosexuals are not made, they are born.

         However, it should be remembered that different doses of hormones that this or that boy received are not necessarily enough to cross the ill-fated line of irretrievable transformation into a “girl”. There are boys who are softer and more gentle than most of their peers, but they do not associate themselves with girls at all. For such children retention of temptation can mean keeping them in the “boys” camp. That is, they can live the rest of their lives as ordinary men with traditional sexual orientation or, in extreme cases, become bisexual.

        From all of the above, I draw the following conclusions, which are my views on this phenomenon:

        Firstly, homosexuals are full-fledged citizens of our society. Their deviations in sexuality are not the result of their sexual promiscuity, but they were initially instilled in them genetically. They are not to blame for this, so they should not be deprived of any civil rights, including the right to have same-sex marriages.

        Secondly, since homosexuality is a deviation from the norm, we should not encourage this model of behavior. Homosexual relations should not be advertised, so as not to tempt those children who by their set of hormones are in the “border” zone. Thus, we must prohibit the demonstration of homosexual relations in the locations of children, in films and books for children, etc.

        For the same reasons, we should prohibit adoption of children by same-sex couples, since the example of “parents” will unequivocally direct their sexual development to an abnormal track. We must enable the child to develop in the traditional environment before his or her coming of age. When a person achieves full legal capacity (18 years), protecting him or her from the influence of homosexual behavior does not make sense anymore. By this time, they have already formed as people, and all responsibility for their fate is on them.

        So, this model of relations, in my opinion, will meet the criteria of a free society, on the one hand, and on the other hand, of a society with a respectful attitude to traditional foundations.

        P.S. All of the foregoing applies equally to lesbians.

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