Honestly, I do not know how form my opinion to this grandiose event, because I have no information.

            On the one hand, I understand that the Olympics will entail huge expenditures from the budget. But how much? Does anybody know? Tell me. Not to me personally, but to the people who need to know on where their money is being spent.

            On the other hand, the Olympics mean a cash flow from tourists, recognition in the world, an elevation of the prestige of the country. But to what extent? Does anybody know? Tell the people.

            Has anyone clearly and precisely compared these two figures and said, in which side over-weights the other? Maybe I missed it? Give me a link.

            Ideally, such important decision for the country needed to be discussed, at least in Parliament, at best among a large number of citizens.

            The Parliament should discuss it because this supreme legislative body will then approve the budget for 2022 (and previous ones). And expenses for the Olympics will be there. And how can they vote against expenses, if the government has already made a fundamental decision to hold the Olympics on behalf of the state?

             And it is necessary to discuss among the citizens, so people feel their involvement in the decision-making process.

             It would be correct to arrange a public debate. On one side is an orator on behalf of the Government. On the other side one from the opposition. Put their dispute on the screens of central television. Open SMS voting for citizens. The voting will show which one of the opponents is more convincing. It does not necessarily mean that the government, after losing the debate, will give up its decision. But the arguments and counterarguments will be presented to the citizens; the decision-making process itself will be open and understandable.

             This is the how it happens in all civilized countries.

             And, however, what am I saying?

             What kind of opposition?

             What kind of public debate?

             Probably a long residence in Europe is affecting me.

             My apologies)))

             P.S. It became known that the Olympics will not be held in Alma-Ata. But this does not abolish all that I’ve said above about the process of making important government decisions.

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