Most of all I love freedom and do not want to be dependent on anything.

       In order not to become addicted, I do not use drugs.

       In order not to feel the need for alcohol to lift the mood and emancipation, I do not drink alcohol. I can have fun without it.

       In order not to depend on tobacco, not to relax this way, I do not smoke at all. I do not need nicotine and self-suggestion.

       But recently I discovered another type of addiction – tea!

       I remembered how my grandmother complained that if she did not drink tea three times a day, she had a bad headache. I thought, why should I accustom my body to this type of drug? And then my head and my mood will depend on whether I drink tea or not? It’s stupid.

       Therefore, now I drink very weak tea, almost simply boiled water, and I feel fine.

       And I wish everyone the same … independence!

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