Independent press does not exist a priori.

     Any periodical has an owner, on whom it depends. The owner has interests. Naturally, this periodical will never go against the interests of its owner.

     However, the independent press may exist in general in the country.

     For this, it is necessary that there are many publications, dependent on different people. Then one periodical will criticize some people and praise the other, and another periodical will do the opposite. And so hundreds of different opinions will appear. And the reader will have the opportunity to see the world from different points of view and in different colors.

     If at least one independent periodical is closed, Kazakhstan will lose one point of view, the general picture of reality will lose one color, my screen will lose one pixel.

     I don’t want it to happen. I want more of them. Therefore, I support private periodicals.

     I know this will not give me power over them. I cannot dictate to them what to write and what not to write, who to criticize, and who to praise. Perhaps someday I myself will catch it bad from them. I know this and still support them. Because multifaceted truth is more important.

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