It is often said that life is unfair, because someone is working hard all his life to earn money, and someone is born a millionaire.

      This is unfair, I must agree.

      But this is fair if we talk about the fathers of the heirs. They are the people who earned their million in the sweat of their brow, in order to pass it on. Why should we deprive him of the right to do good to his child? Maybe this is what he worked all his life for?

      Sooner or later life will put everything in its place. A lazy and stupid heir will lose his wealth. A worthy heir will increase it.

      And one more thing. If you envy someone else’s wealth and dream of taking it away, then you must remember that there will always be someone who is poorer than you, who will want to take away even the little that you have. So do not envy other people’s heirs. Just create your own inheritance.

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