Mankind survived the capitalist revolution when it realized that the interested labor is better than the forced labor.

         Then there was the industrial revolution, when everyone realized that it was better to let the machines work rather than people.

         Now the world is experiencing an intellectual revolution, because it realizes that ideas can cost more than the best cars and pieces of iron.

         We can build dozens of plants and factories, grow tons of wheat and meat, and one intelligent guy from the Silicon Valley can earn more than the whole of our country.

         By and large, SPFIID (state program of forced industrial-innovative development) is already yesterday, maximum today, but not tomorrow’s for sure.

        Tomorrow is universities, research institutes, laboratories, techno parks.

        Of course, one should not rush to extremes and ignore industrial and agricultural production. But if we do not think about the future, do not invest national resources in intellect, or in the education of young people, then we will always lag behind the world: we will just sell our pieces of iron, wheat, meat, extracted by blood and sweat, and with the earned money buy someone else’s ideas.

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